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Building W200 Modernization - Washington Navy Yard

Building W200 - Washington Navy Yard, Washington DC. NAVFAC, ATFP, Blast Design, Seismic Design

Client: Forrester Construction Company

Structural Engineer of Record for the modernization of Building W200 at the Washington Navy Yard in Washington DC for NAVFAC (Navy Facilities Engineering Command), a $63,046,000 LEED Silver design-built office building providing 280,000 square feet of occupiable space. 

Project involved full interior demolition, renovation, addition and modernization of the existing structure. 

The building frame consists of steel columns, girders and beams supporting a 8 ½ inch deep with 6 inch deep ribs and a 2 ½ inch slab spanning between ribs at 25 inches on center. New floor sections to infill areas at the existing light courts were designed to match existing floor elevations and support code required loads. New structural steel beams connected to and spanning between existing columns support a new concrete slab consisting of composite metal floor deck with lightweight concrete was used.


The building’s lateral system was upgrades by addition of structural steel x-bracing for the full height of the building. 

The building framing was also designed to meet Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection (ATFP) and progressive collapse per UFC requirements as applies to a Primary Gathering Building by strengthening of selected existing beam-to-column connections and column splice connections to develop the required horizontal and vertical tie forces and strengthening of the floors in the exterior structural bays to resist the required uplift load for blast resistance

Materials Recycling Facility - West Palm Beach, Florida


Client:  PCL Construction Services, Inc 

Structural Engineer of Record for the $26 million combined residential and commercial Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) for Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach, Florida, consisting of 140,000 SF of pre-engineered metal building enclosing tipping floors, sorting and bailing equipment, recyclable storage, administrative area, maintenance shops, and a visitors’ area. The facility covers approximately 11.74 acres, including 8.46 acres of paving.

The building is a one story, pre-engineered steel building, 239’ wide x 529’ long with an eave height of 32’ high. It has metal walls and roof panels to enclose the steel structure, a concrete slab on grade and a 14’ high concrete knee wall at its perimeter.

Foundation Design for the Pre-Engineered Metal was designed as reinforced concrete footings designed based on reactions of the metal building. Soil anchors (helical piers) were utilized to resist uplift, sliding, overturning, etc., due to wind loads or front-end loader. 

The project also has a two-Story Interior Structures consisting of Masonry load bearing Structures supported reinforced concrete spread footings

NAVY Medical Biological Defense Research Laboratory

NAVY Medical Biological Defense Research Laboratory, Ft. Detrick, Frederick, Maryland

Design-Built Contractor: John C. Grimberg Company, Inc.


Structural Engineer of Record for the Structural and ATFP design of $21 million Navy Medical Bio-defense Research Lab (NMBDRL) at Fort Detrick in Maryland. 

The facility is a laboratory building (36,660 GSF). with administrative support areas plus a penthouse level to accommodate mechanical requirements

The building is a reinforced concrete framed structure supporting on concrete grade beams, columns and framed slabs. first floor slab consists of an 11” reinforced concrete framed slab supported by grade.

The foundation system for the main laboratory building shall consist of drilled piers, with a 6’-0” 

rock socket. Pier lengths are between 25’-70’. 

The building was designed for Anti-terrorism Force Protection (ATFP) blast requirements for the windows, performed using the dynamic procedure as permitted in the UFC 4-010-01 for Charge Weight (CW) I and II at their respective standoff distances of 148ft and

82ft respectively. The supporting structural elements were analyzed to satisfy the response criteria specified for the required Low Level of Protection (LLOP).

Construction dwgs were generated using REVIT Structure

McGowan Cecil Smathers, LLC Office Building

McGowan Cecil Smathers, LLC
Attorneys at Law
Office Building

Client: McGowan Cecil Smathers, LLC

Project Engineer for analysis and design of the Law offices for while working at Adtek Engineers Inc. 

Structure is Steel framed brick clad structure with a basement built of reinforced concrete walls. 

Cornbow Center (Carpark), Halesowen, UK

Cornbow Center, Halesowen, England for ASDA. CARPARK

Client: ASDA, United Kingdom (Part of Walmart Family)

Project engineer for the Cornbow Center (Car Park) in Halesowen, England while working with PWP Consulting, LLP.

Performed structural Analysis and design of the gravity and Lateral system. Main building consists of steel framing columns and composite beams and concrete on metal deck flooring. 

Was responsible for generating design documents and specifications

Solar Structural Engineering, Various Projects

Solar Engineering

Structural Engineer of Record for various solar Photo Voltaic (PV) modules related projects while working for SolarCity / Tesla. 

Being a professional engineered registered in 18 states, the founder of Equilux was responsible for reviewing and stamping construction documents generated by EIT's and responding to field questions from installation crews. 

We have vast experience in various solar projects including commercial, military, residential and utility-scale projects where there is a requirement for rapid turn-around on jobs